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You can download for FREE this awesome extension for Chrome™ . Simply visiting Chrome™ Web Store, and look for "TabLayer", or just click here.

About TabLayer

TabLayer - Quick look in tabs for Chrome™

TabLayer - The awesome feature that's sorely missing in Chrome™ : Quick look in tabs, which lets you see the open tabs without opening them. All you have to do is press the TabLayer extension’s button. That means you can instantly watch a thumbnail and description of each open tab you have, and choose to do one of the features:

  • Navigate to this tab.
  • Close this tab.

Chrome™ doesn't come with this feature, but, thankfully, TabLayer fills that void.

It has more options:

  • Searching by text for specific tab.
  • Grid view or List view.
  • Sorting by 3 options: Sites, Latest views, Chrome™
  • And more…

Why donate ?

A little about our prices. We do not charge for the use of the plugin, however, to keep our service free and without advertising, we offer a package to the contributor. As part of the contributor package, we will work to promote additional functions for your use in addition to which you will appear on the donor list.

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Video - Grid view and List view

Video - Searching by text for specific tab

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